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Creative Commitment & Countdown

August 2, 2007

It has been almost 1 week since I got to play with my hands and to just enjoy the creating process. I have missed it terribly! I am beginning to realize that I need this time to be creative, to learn more about myself, to play and create artwork that is dear to my heart. With the kids starting soccer this week and football next week, and school starting in a few weeks, and all the commitments each of those activities bring, I really need to stay focused on scheduling time for myself. My soul needs this time. So I have started today to schedule in “Sheila Time” each week for myself in my planner.
Talking about scheduling creative time… Starting tomorrow after work, my friend Leah will be joining me for a scrapbooking weekend at my house! I can’t wait to get together, laugh, eat, have fun and create! Less than 36 hours and counting….
Sara said...

You can DO this? Just schedule time? For YOURSELF?!? Nobody told me!

Christina said...

Sheila time is a very important time to schedule! Make sure you follow through with it too. I used to do that for myself too. It's been so long since I've even used my planner...